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As an employer, you have the obligation to familiarize yourself with mandatory safety regulations; as an employee, you are exposed to hazards every day on the job, a greater knowledge in safety awareness may one day save your life.

Emergencies and accidents at the workplace are unpredictable, whether it’s an isolated incident or large scale disaster.

A small investment in a review of your existing safety program can pay significant dividends.


When faced with emergencies you have little time to act and an even less margin for error.

Time is not on your side relative to safety issues. You could be days, or perhaps even hours away from a severe accident that not only has the potential for injuring, or even killing an employee – and often times causes major disruptions to your operations.

Have you ever asked yourself

  • Is our industrial plant OSHA compliant?
  • If we’re inspected will they find problems?
  • If so, should we have known about them?
  • Did someone get hurt because we didn’t know?
  • How much will a fine cost us?
  • Do we have a proper Medical Emergency Response Plan?
  • Can we create a safer work environment?
  • Can we reduce our insurance costs?
  • Should we have better safety training for our employees?
  • How can we have fewer accidents?
  • Will increased safety create Improved productivity?

If you have, then we have the solutions.

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