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Safety Audits

Safety and Health Audits offer the best return on investment when conducted by experienced and seasoned professionals.

When planning a client audit, Safety On Hand is able to provide a well-rounded audit team including Certified Professional Environmental Auditors (CPEA) experienced in all audit procedures along with Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSP). They come equipped with strong technical knowledge of the national, state, and local safety and health requirements as well as exceptional safety, health and environmental management practice and knowledge

Mock OSHA inspections along with review of your overall safety programs will help your company to identify the oversights in your safety program. Independent audits of your safety programs, training, and effectiveness is extremely helpful to identify weak areas of a safety program, safety training, safety documentation, and other issues. If you have problems in your safety programs, you may well have issues in product quality and overall plant efficiency.

Plant noise surveys are conducted with the most sophisticated meters and are backed up by computerized modeling to determine compliance with federal and state requirements for exposure to noise and compliance for hearing protection.

Safety On Hand conducts plant audits, site surveys and reports.

Included in these services are:
  • Noise monitoring,
  • Ergonomics analysis,
  • Job hazard analysis,
  • Mock OSHA inspections and
  • Overall plant safety analysis.

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